Educational Programs

Children’s Summer Workshops, 2014

Creative Cursive: Children’s Script Writing Workshops

July 10, 17, and 24, 4:00-5:30 p.m.

What do the plays of Shakespeare, the Magna Carta and the Declaration of Independence all have in common? They were all written in script! Students will learn how to write using the cursive technique. Parents: script writing is disappearing NOW from your child’s school curriculum! Raynham Hall will introduce and refine a student’s hand writing skills in a relaxed setting, encouraging traditional methods in a  fun, low pressure after-camp workshop. Please call for reservations. $20 per session per child. 516-922-6808

“Handwriting: that action of emotion, and of decision that has recorded the history of mankind, revealed the genius of invention, and disclosed the inmost depths of the soulful heart. It gives ideas tangible form through written letters, pictographs, symbols, and signs. Handwriting forms a bond across millennia and generations that not only ties us to the thoughts and deeds of our forebears, but also serves as an irrevocable link to our humanity. Neither machines nor technology can replace the contribution or continuing importance of this inexpensive portable skill. Necessary in every age, handwriting remains just as vital to the enduring saga of civilization as our next breath.”

Michael R. Sull

 Children’s Spy Workshop: Learn How to Use the Culper Code with Invisible Ink!

Tuesdays, July 15 and 29, 4:00-5:30 p.m.

Travel back to the stirring days of the American Revolution with George Washington’s most important spy, Robert Townsend! Create your own secret messages with the Culper Code using invisible ink! Please call for reservations. $15 per child. 516-922-6808

The Ancient Art of Paper Quilling

Thursday, August 7, 4:00-5:30 p.m.

Learn to create art out of paper curls! “Quilling” has been a fun craft for centuries. Just wrap colored paper around a pencil, use a little glue, and create your own beautiful wild animals, flowers, faces, Whatever you want! Please call for reservations. $15 per child. 516-922-6808

Woven Felt Wall Hanging Workshop 

Thursday, August 14, 4:00-5:30 p.m.

Weave your art with colorful strips of felt and ribbon! This workshop enables students grade three and up to explore the ancient woven world in a fun, stress free after camp workshop. You’ll never look at a potholder in the same way again!  Please call for reservations. $15 per child.       516-922-6808  

“Talking Rocks” Workshop

Thursday, August 21, 4:00-5:30 p.m.

Native Americans in the Southwest left messages on stones that still speak to us today! Through the use of Word Pictures, they communicated stories, warned of dangers and gave directions from generation to generation. Learn to make your own Native American carvings and leave a secret message for the future! Please call for reservations. $15 per child. 516-922-6808

 School Programs 

Our school programs allow students to experience the past in a historic house setting that complements the students’ classroom learning by encouraging curiosity and critical thinking. Our tours, conducted by trained museum interpreters, align with the New York State Education Teaching Standards.

The Colonial & Revolutionary War Era – 1740-1790

Grades 3-5

1-1/2 hours to 2 hours

Learn the exciting role the Townsend family played during the American Revolution, especially that of Robert Townsend, a spy for General Washington known as “Culper Jr.” Consider family life, gender roles, childhood, transportation, and leisure activities as they existed in Colonial America. Students are given the opportunity to explore the museum and answer questions. New activities this year include learning the Culper Code, the system used by the Spy Ring to great effect. Also a Colonial item guessing game, allowing students hands-on time with the items to guess their purpose.

 Custom Tours

All ages

We look forward to tailoring your experience at Raynham Hall to meet the needs of your group, be it a book club, a senior tour or a an alumni association. Raynham Hall offers specialized tours featuring original documents and artifacts, using historical resources to reinforce and enrich student learning.

School for Spies 

We offer a tour lead by a colonial costumed interpreter which explores the spycraft of the Culper Spy Ring. Visitors will learn the trade and techniques of 18th century espionage, including making messages in invisible ink using the original Culper Code.

Children’s and Boy and Girl Scout Programs

Raynham Hall is the perfect venue for Scouts and other children’s groups wishing to work on specific badges or other interests throughout the year, including during the summer. We offer specialized workshops in Children’s Etiquette, Victorian and Colonial Home Life, including soap-making, candle-making, corn husk dolls, herb gardening, stitchery and of course, our School for Spies. A minimum of 10 participants is required.

Adults Programs

Author Lecture Series

We offer an author lecture series throughout the year, featuring three distinguished, well known authors as speakers. This past year, the series, “The Uses of Espionage in a Dangerous World,” included authors Nelson DeMille, Brian Kilmeade and Evan Thomas. We will be announcing the series for 2014-2015 shortly.

The Victorian Artist Club

Raynham Hall offers a study/support group devoted to historic methods of painting and drawing. The idea that anyone who wants to do art CAN do it if they are patient and willing to follow the methods of the past. Instructor Michael Goudket ( B.F.A., M.A.), is an accomplished watercolorist specializing in historic techniques. Membership in the Club includes participation in five distinct classes using historic techniques a year. Classes are held at the museum, using the garden in season. Materials are available at every class. 

For more information on all programs, please call or email Alex Sutherland, Director of Education, at 516-922-6808 or for more information